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Plans option for BigBlueButton Hosting

  • 5-day free trial
  • Secure payments via Stripe/PayPal
  • Fast Setup

Choose the most suitable service for you

BigBlueButton service exclusive for Moodle

This high quality BigBlueButton service is meant to be used with our plugin for Moodle. If you plan to use BBB in your Moodle this is the recommended choice because it includes special pricing, enhancements and additional features such the integrated assistance report.

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High Quality BigBlueButton Hosting (Standard API)

Dedicated instances of BigBlueButton completely managed by our staff and with total access to the API. You may use this service with your favorite LMS or CMS using any BigBlueButton plugin. You may also manage meetings without needig any other platform or software (via GreenLight). Since these service features instances dedicated to you and our optimizations, your users will enjoy the best BBB experience.

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Why choose BBB Plugin services?

Instant Integration

Depending on the service you choose, we provide a plugin ready to be installed and activated with a single click, or we grant you full API access.

Quick Technical Support

We offer technical support via email. Our services include full management and proactive monitoring.


Easily upgrade your plan as your organization grows. We offer plans for Moodle starting from 25 concurrent users and for dedicated instances starting from 250 users.

Our clients worldwide

North America: United States, Canada, Mexico. South America: Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Brazil, Chile. Europe: Spain. Oceania: Australia.

BBB Plugin BigBlueButton Services

We offer dedicated BigBlueButton hosting for any use. We also offer our exclusive Moodle service with capacities from 25 users.