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What is BBB Plugin?

It’s a cloud-based videoconference service known as BigBlueButton, designed to be used in your Moodle through a plugin that connects to the service. The plugin has been developed by us to facilitate the service connection and provide enhancements in integration that are not available in the free plugin version of BigBlueButton published in the Moodle community.


Why was it developed?

To meet the needs for better integration between the two platforms and increased scalability in terms of the number of concurrent users in order to provide a specialized experience in Moodle.

What's the objective?

To provide BigBlueButton hosting services or BigBlueButton as a Software as a Service (SaaS) for Moodle platforms, targeting users in Latin America and North America, delivering the best possible experience in terms of latency and call quality, in accordance with the connectivity conditions and geographic location.

While we do not rule out offering the service for use on platforms other than Moodle, our main focus is on providing the service for this platform and developing enhancements for its integration.

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BBB Plugin: BigBlueButton enhanced and exclusive for Moodle