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What is BigBlueButton?

BigBlueButton is an open-source videoconference software, created by a community of developers and is designed for online learning. One of the advantages of BigBlueButton is its integration with major Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Content Management Systems (CMS).

BigBlueButton facilitates asynchronous communication between teachers and students through video conferences or virtual meetings. Its graphical interface is flexible and typically focuses on presentations but can also include webcams or screen sharing. It offers useful learning features such as surveys, synchronized video viewing, interactive whiteboard, the creation of external rooms for group, chat, and more.

Some screenshots of BigBlueButton Screenshots

Take a look at some of the features you will have access to.

An alternative to ZOOM that you will want to use every day.

BigBlueButton is specifically designed for education, unlike other videoconference systems like Zoom. Being an open-source software, BigBlueButton can be customized according to specific needs.

Comparison table: BigBlueButton vs Zoom


Features BigBlueButton Zoom
Moodle integration Free You need a paid account to integrate Zoom in Moodle
software installation No need to install anything. Works from any modern web browser Desktop and mobile software download. Limited use in web browsers.
Use on mobile devices Compatible with mobile web browsers. Not compatible with mobile web browsers.
Users No user limit Allows up to 100 users in the free version. No user limit in the paid version
Access Easy through link to the room with security code Needs to create an account for virtually everything

Integration with Moodle

BigBlueButton is integrated as a Moodle activity, allowing enrolled users to access the BigBlueButton videoconference. In addition to the basic functions of the BigBlueButton plugin, we have developed additional features for integration with Moodle, such as attendance reports and more.

Features of BigBlueButton for e-learning



Draw and make annotations on presentations


Send messages through public and private chat


Communicate with high-quality audio


Make meetings more interactive by sharing high-quality webcams.


Control access and meeting functionalities


Temporary rooms for group work


Record sessions for offline playback


Upload any PDF or PowerPoint presentation

BBB Plugin BigBlueButton Services

We offer dedicated BigBlueButton hosting for any use. We also offer our exclusive Moodle service with capacities from 25 users.